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Columbus Circle Office

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余旗醫師為國家委員會認證的針灸師及按摩治療師,並同時擁有紐約州針灸及按摩治療雙重執照。余醫師於布魯克林推拿學院 (Brooklyn Institute of Massage Therapy) 接受按摩治療訓練,接續於太平洋東方醫學院 (Pacific College of Oriental Medicine) 取得東方醫學碩士。余醫師將他在東方醫學的知識和各種按摩療法結合,致力於為他的病人提供最好的治療。 余醫師不僅擁有多年的中醫及針灸經驗,更熟稔各種按摩療法,包括瑞典式按摩、指壓按摩、和反射療法等。余醫師在紐約擔任按摩治療師和針灸師已有8年經驗,專治急性和慢性痛症,包括網球肘、坐骨神經痛、肩周炎、扭傷、肌腱滑膜炎、偏頭痛、面癱、和胃痛等。也成功幫助許多病患減輕壓力、治療失眠、戒煙、和停經症候群。


  • 針灸
    • 急性及慢性疼痛
    • 網球肘
    • 坐骨神經痛
    • 肩周痛
    • 扭傷
    • 腱鞘炎
    • 偏頭痛
    • 胃痛
    • 減壓、失眠治療
    • 面癱
    • 戒煙
    • 更年期症狀
  • 按摩療法(瑞典式按摩、指壓按摩、反射療法)
  • 中醫及中藥


  • 專業資格:
    • United Alliance of New York State Licensed Acupuncturist American Acupuncture Council
  • 執照:
    • 國家針灸療法及東方醫學認證委員會


  • 太平洋東方醫學院研究所
    • 針灸、中醫碩士
  • 衛生職業紐約大學
    • 健康科學學士
  • 布魯克林推拿學院
    • 按摩療法學位證書


COLUMBUS CIRCLE OFFICE 315 West 57th Street, Suite 302, New York, NY 10019 電話:212-265-2052 傳真:212-265-2011


" I had a great experience! Qi was very patient and he explained everything very well to me. The acupuncture was not painful at all for me, and it has helped my symptoms significantly. Great acupuncturist! " - Riley B. December 20, 2019

" I have been doing treatment with Dr. Yu for quite a while. His skills in Chinese medicine are amazing. I have tried acupuncture, tuina, and cupping with him. And I can definitely feel the differences in my body and energy condition. " - Daniel S. October 14, 2019

" Dr. Yu helps me a lot with my shoulder pain. My problem has come and gone for years, but I could never fully recover from it. It has caused a severe issue in my daily life. Dr. Yu was quite patient and flexible with different treatment methods. I am almost fine now, it was really impressive. " - Gee K. September, 2019