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忠穎物理治療及針灸的Katya Czarina Pido Ditan物理治療師自2015年開始便執業於紐約,擁有相當豐富的經驗。Katya自宿霧醫學大學 (Cebu Doctors’ University) 取得物理治療學士學位後,曾任職於各種不同的機構,包括大型醫院、私人診所、和家庭護理服務,藉此獲取了許多寶貴的經驗。 Katya總是不斷更新她的專業知識和復建技術,為她的病人提供漸進而持久的治療。她擅長於疤痕組織沾粘之軟組織鬆動術、筋肌膜伸展 (myofascial release)、肌能係貼紮術 (kinesiology taping)、和關節鬆動術及關節操作術 (joint mobilization and manipulation)。Katya的病人就診原因繁多,其中包括脊椎滑脫症、脊椎側彎、運動傷害、靜脈曲張等。Katya致力於透過純熟的治療技術和量身定制的復建計劃,幫助病人迅速康復。 Katya自幼於菲律賓長大,能流利的以英文和他加祿語交談。她對文化差異的了解,不僅能減輕病人在治療過程中的不適感,更能帶給來自不同文化背景的病人一股親切感。


  • 頸椎腰椎痛
  • 帕金森氏症
  • 中風偏癱
  • 面癱
  • 腕隧道症候群
  • 纖維肌痛
  • 坐骨神經痛
  • 肩周炎
  • 椎間盤突出
  • 運動傷害
  • 肌能係貼紮術認證
  • 骨骼及神經系統疾病


  • 專業資格:
    • 美國物理治理學會


  • Cebu Doctors' University,
    • Bachelor's in Physical Therapy


COLUMBUS CIRCLE OFFICE 315 West 57th Street, Suite 302, New York, NY 10019 電話:212-265-2052 傳真:212-265-2011


" I told Katya about my neck and shoulder pain. She took her time and made sure I was getting the full range of physical therapy exercises and doing them correctly. Thankfully, now I can do some pain release at home. She is a great PT. " - Lydia A. November 8, 2019

" I had a great experience with Katya. Been having chronic leg pain and lower range of motion. After a couple of visits, she managed to reduce my pain and increase the mobility of my body. I feel a lot better. " - Megan G. November 1, 2019

" I am baby sitter, so I often bend over to attend the kids or hold the babies. I had this back pain for a long time, which is why I sought for the help of physical therapy. It really alleviated the discomfort after the session. Katya is very nice and tender. I love going back to see you. " - Lucina Q. October 25, 2019

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