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Mohamed Siam






Dr. Mohamed Siam is a physical therapist with a keen eye for details. He has been practicing with passion for over a decade. Dr. Siam has rich experience in working with both adult and pediatric patients. He now practices at Chung Ying Physical Therapy & Acupuncture, located in New York.

Dr. Siam earned his bachelor's degree from Cairo University. Following his bachelor’s degree, he obtained his Doctor of Physical Therapy from Arcadia College in New York. As a part of his education, Dr. Siam also attended various trainings over the years, including sports injuries, neurological rehabilitation, pediatric central nervous system dysfunction, the NDT approach, and gait analysis.

Dr. Siam's work involves restoration of normal movement and functionality. He treats an array of complaints involving pain, deformities, and injury. He also conducts sessions for physical therapy consultations, manual therapies, therapeutic exercises, movement disorder treatment, pain reduction exercises, pain and orthopedic rehabilitation, and post-operative mobility. Patients often see him for conditions such as sports injuries, spine deformations, spondylosis, foot pain, elbow problems, herniated discs, and post-surgical rehabilitation.

Dr. Siam’s treatment embraces a holistic approach that deals with the whole person, not just the pain. By combining manual therapy, exercise therapy, and joint mobilizations, Dr. Siam often helps his patients prevent further complications and maintain long-lasting health.

  • Movement disorder

  • Pain and orthopedic rehabilitation

  • post-operative mobility

  • Neuromuscular conditions

  • Elbow problems

  • Spondylosis

  • Foot pain

  • Sports injuries

  • Spine deformations

  • Herniated disks

  • Professional Membership:

    • American physical therapy association

    • General Physical therapy Syndicate of Egypt

  • Arcadia University,

    • Doctor of Physical Therapy

  • Cairo University,

    • Bachelor's in Physical Therapy


80 Maiden Lane, Suite 1007, New York, NY 10038

TEL: 212-386-7812

FAX: 212-386-7813


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