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Nicole Cimafranca




  • 運動傷害

  • 肌肉、關節疼痛管理

  • 術後復建

  • 慢性疼痛管理

  • 脊髓傷害

  • 中風後復建

  • 創傷性腦損傷

  • 貝爾氏麻痺

  • 腦性麻痺


80 Maiden Lane, Suite 1007, NY 10038




  • Felipe R. Verallo College

    • 物理治療學士



Nicole Cimafranca是位關懷病人且技法嫻熟的物理治療師,她目前在位於紐約市金融區的忠穎物理治療及針灸診所看診,她對於治療各年齡層的患者及各種病痛都有相當豐富的經驗。Nicole醫師於Felipe R. Verallo大學修得她的物理治療學士學位。




除了身為專業的物理治療師外,Nicole醫師也常大力支持資源不足的社區,她曾任義工物理治療師,為經濟無法負擔物理治療的患者提供居家物理治療,其中大多數的患者患有神經系統疾病,例如貝爾氏麻痺(Bell’s palsy)、中風、創傷性腦損傷、及腦性麻痺等。Nicole醫師透過徒手治療及運動治療成功幫助了許多患者重拾獨立自主、更高品質的生活。



I visited for the first time and met with my therapist Nicole. She was very nice and made me feel very comfortable and sure about what I needed to do plus get done, in order to get better. The staff were polite and respectful as well.

— A. X. (Patient from Zocdoc) 12/2023

Nicole are the most incredible PTs! I have been working with them throughout my last pregnancy and post-baby to reduce my diathesis and strengthen my pelvic floor.

— S. C. (Patient from Zocdoc) 12/2023

I have been working with Nicole during the past few months. She has professionally helped me deal with specific problems that I had due to my recent accident.She was extremely helpful in helping me find solutions to various problems I have faced.

— C. Z. (Patient from Zocdoc) 11/2023

The therapists at CYPA are excellent! I've worked primarily with Nicole, who's incredibly knowledgeable about the mechanics of different exercises and what you should be feeling as you do the motions. Highly recommend!

— T. C. (Patient from Zocdoc) 10/2023

I recently completed physical therapy with Nicole and am extremely happy with my experience. The staff was friendly and professional, always made sure I was comfortable and had the best care possible.

— X. H. (Patient from Zocdoc) 10/2023


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