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Dr. Sarah Ahmed earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2018 and her Bachelor's degree in Physical Therapy in 2010. She has been dedicating her career to optimizing each of her patient's quality of life ever since. Dr. Ahmed has been in practice for 10 years - she worked as a physical therapy assistant for 3 years before she became a licensed physical therapist, and now as a physical therapist, she has 7 years of clinical experience in treating patients with a wide array of conditions in several different facilities.

Dr. Ahmed is passionate about tailoring her care for each patient in order to meet their specific needs and goals. She has successfully provided her patients with relief for both acute and chronic pain syndromes. Her specialties include muscle joint pain, headache, frozen shoulder, herniated disc, sciatica, rib pain, heel pain, hemiplegia, facial palsy, and post-surgery rehabilitation. Dr. Ahmed is fluent in English, Arabic, and French.


  • 肌肉骨骼系統疾病
  • 骨科復建
  • 運動傷害


  • Dominican College,
    • Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • October 6th University,
    • Bachelor's in Physical Therapy


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