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Gary Luong


He was the best AC and this is my first time try chinese medical and feel so gooddddd! and Gary give me tips to do pratices about my arm.

— X. W. (Patient from Zocdoc) 01/2024

Gary knew how to treat my chronic tension headache & TMJ problem right away. I found relief from one session. I've been to many acupuncturists, Gary is incredibly knowledgable highly trained and very professional. Highly recommend and I'll be seeing him weekly!

— L. G. (Patient from Zocdoc) 12/2023

Gary is wonderful: timely, courteous, professional, and an excellent acupuncturist and masseur. I saw him multiple times per week for both acupuncture and as part of PT treatments spanning roughly 6 months, and he was consistent and his treatments helped alleviate pain and repair muscle strength. I would 10/10 recommend.

— J. L. (Patient from Zocdoc) 09/2023

Gary has been very helpful in addressing my discomfort. His skillful application of acupuncture is contributing to the healing process.

— B. R. (Patient from Zocdoc) 05/2023

God send!! Always leave here well relaxed & less stress. Gary is very informative which helps a lot. Gary you are amazing!! Thankyou.

— T. S. (Patient from Zocdoc) 04/2023





  • 激痛點針灸

  • 各種痛症

  • 花粉症

  • 胃痛

  • 便秘

  • 失眠

  • 頭暈

  • 月經不調

  • 痛經

  • 憂鬱症

  • ​更年期症狀

  • ​體重管理

  • 麻省藥科與健康科學大學

    • Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (Chinese Herbal Medicine and Japanese Styles)


80 Maiden Lane, Suite 1007, New York, NY 10038




Luong醫師是位紐約執照針灸師,他於麻省藥科與健康科學大學(Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences)修得針灸及東方醫學碩士學位,目前執業於忠穎物理治療及針灸的金融區診所。Luong醫師對於治療各年齡層的患者都有相當豐富的經驗,為診所帶來了寶貴的專業知識及技術。


Luong醫師擅於透過激痛點針灸(orthopedic needling/myofascial needling/trigger point release)來治療痛症。除了各式的肌肉及骨骼痛症外,Luong醫師的專長領域還包括消化系統疾病、神經系統疾病、運動傷害、術後復建、過敏症、失眠、憂鬱症、更年期症狀、和體重管理等。除此之外,Luong醫師更精通推拿、拔罐、按摩球、和電針等輔助療法。



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