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周仲青 (Anderson)


  • 花粉症

  • 傷風感冒

  • 胃痛

  • 便秘

  • 皮膚癢

  • 失眠

  • 頭暈

  • 月經不調

  • 痛經

  • 內分泌失調

  • 憂鬱症

  • ​更年期症狀



  • New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,

    • ​Master's in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine



833 58th Street, Brooklyn, NY11220





周醫師受訓於紐約中醫學院(New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine),並在該校取得針灸及東方醫學碩士學位。周醫師將他豐富的專業知識帶到了位於紐約布魯克林的忠穎物理治療及針灸診所,為求診於另類療法的患者提供更多選擇。



FANTASTIC!!! I highly recommend zhong, he is very knowledgeable and caring,he immediately pinpointed my problems and treated them. What I felt amaze is that I wasn't only get my problem solved he also taught me how to improve my health in a better way. My health is getting better each day.

— R. F. M. (Patient from Zocdoc) 12/2023

The office was great. I made the appointment only a day before and they were on top of checking if my insurance would be covered. unfortunately, it wasn't, but not their fault. I was made of anything out of pocket ahead of time. Anderson listened well and seemed to know what he was doing. I felt taken care of along the whole way.

— A. F. (Patient from Zocdoc) 05/2023

The staff was friendly, office was clean. My therapist was clear, friendly, sensitive and understanding. He explained why I was having my pain. His therapy and acupuncture has so far helped me. I’m able to work with less pain. I will continue to visit the office, I need their help, continuing with this pain without my therapist help is NOT a quality of life.

— Daisy A.  07/05/2023

Impressive Acupuncture by Dr. Zhou at CYPA! Dr. Zhou at CYPA in Brooklyn exceeded my expectations with his acupuncture expertise. The session was efficient, and his approach left me feeling relieved and refreshed. Highly recommend Dr. Zhou for top-notch acupuncture treatments in Brooklyn!

— J. R. (Patient from Zocdoc) 04/2023

Anderson not only explains how each needle would help but also kindly cares about my feelings because I was not familiar with this treatment. He also answers all the questions when sometimes I am curious why needles on my legs in addition to the low back. I would say I love acupuncture now.

— W. H. (Patient from Zocdoc) 03/2023


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