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Dr. Kamilla Danilova provides comprehensive treatment for foot and ankle injuries with a focus on exceptional patient care. She believes in building strong relationship with her patients, focusing on individual problems and using the latest medical advancements to provide the best care possible.


Dr. Danilova treats a wide range of podiatric conditions including fractures, sprains, bunions, hammertoes and other foot deformities, heel pain, warts, and ingrown nails. She often uses gait analysis, nerve conduction tests, circulation testing and ultrasound technologies to aid in accurate diagnosis. Dr. Danilova is a caring and knowledgeable doctor with extensive training in all aspects of foot surgery and wound care.


Dr. Danilova obtained her medical degree from New York School of Podiatric Medicine. She completed three years of surgical residency at Beth Israel Medical Center where she was trained by some of the most talented Podiatric and Orthopedic surgeons in the tri-state area. She received her undergraduate degree from City University Hunter College in Pre-Med Psychology.


Dr. Danilova’s philosophy of medical practice is summed up in a quote from the 15th century physician Paracelsus; “The good doctor can have a stronger impact on the patient than any drug.”



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