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蔡忠穎 (Fred)


Dr. Tasi is always very thorough and thoughtful in his approach to my treatment. He inquired about all activities that may affect my condition at each visit and has helped me find other specialists when necessary. I’ve seen real improvement in my problems since starting therapy with him. He really goes above and beyond.

— Y. L. (Patient from Zocdoc) 09/2023

Professional and caring team who seamlessly provide appropriate physical therapy and treatment for my acute condition. After a handful of visits, reduced pain and improved range of motion was achieved. My care is ongoing and I am very pleased I found Dr. Tsai and his team.

— Amos C. 03/16/2022

Dr Chung actually treated me instead of putting on some electrodes and told to go on a bicycle. I came in with pain in my feet and left skipping like I was on a cloud! He really knew his stuff, is very respectful, and professional. He really treats your pain! I’ve been to many therapists before, but he is the real deal.

— Peter R. 08/25/2021

I have to say this is the best PT treatment I ever got. It is such a big relief of pain every time after visiting Dr. Tsai. It even helps my sleeping quality at night because less neck pain and headaches got much better.

— George M. 06/11/2021

Really felt looked after, Fred figured out some of the issues I had going on helped resolve them, and gave me a lot of exercises to help reduce post work out aches and pains. He has helped me continue training after several painful knocks. I saw 3 different guys over the course of 3 injuries, they were all very helpful and knowledgeable and had no problem being treated by any of the PTs. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone.

— Naomi W. 05/31/2021









  • 針灸方面:蔡醫師是唯一在Cigna、Blue Cross Blue Shields和MagnaCare網路內的醫療服務供應者。

  • 物理治療方面:我們接受列出的所有保險計劃。我們也接受其他優選醫療機構保險,包括United Health Care和Aetna。

  • 如果患者的保險不給付針灸服務,我們也提供價格合理的支付方案。




  • 物理治療:

    • 骨科康復

    • 運動醫學

    • 關節炎

    • 面部麻痺

  • 針灸:

    • 疼痛綜合症(頸部、肩部、腰部、膝蓋、踝部和足跟)

    • 生育能力

    • 男女健康

    • 頭痛、偏頭痛、頭暈

    • 過敏

    • 皮膚問題

  • 專業資格:

    • 美國物理治理學會

    • 紐約物理治療學會​

  • 執照:

    • 國家針灸療法及東方醫學認證委員會

  • 太平洋東方醫學院研究所

    • 針灸臨床博士

    • 針灸、中醫碩士

  • 紐約大學物理治療所

    • 物理治療碩士


833 58th Street, Brooklyn, NY11220



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