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All Pains Will Be Gone When Your Body Is Warm!

Pain Is A Bodily Process of Self-healing

Because of trauma, inappropriate postures, inappropriate habits, and mental pressure, our blood circulation becomes slower and injures the body. This is when our body activates its healing process to amend these damages. More specifically, there is an increase of a body hormone called “prostaglandin,” which helps adjust the inner balance of the body. The main function of prostaglandin is to improve blood circulation but also to cause inflammation.

Generally speaking, inflammation is followed by some symptoms, including redness, burning sensation, and swelling and pain. Therefore, it is considered as a bad sign and disfavored by most people. I believe the first expression that appears in most readers' minds when hearing the inflammation is: We need to find a way to decrease the inflammation!

Inflammation, indeed, makes people feel unconformable and even wonder if there is anything going wrong in their bodies. However, as a matter of fact, inflammation is merely a natural phenomenon signaling the process of self-healing in a human body.

Pain Relief Patches Will Delay the Healing Process

So, what will happen if you use the pain relief patches during the bodily healing process? Pain relief patches will reduce the blood circulation and force those inflammation symptoms to stop. However, the healing process is still not finished at that time. It is like a road construction with an unfinished and uneven surface.

Taking a closer look at the ingredients of pain relief patches, you will mostly find Indomethacin, Felbinac, or Ketoprofen. These are powerful anti-inflammatory and pain relievers commonly seen in the prescribed pain relief patches. They are also the common ingredients that you will find these years in the over-the-counter products of the same kind.    

Once these ingredients enter your body through your skin, they will inhibit the functioning of prostaglandin and reduce the blood circulation. 

The pain relief heat patches have the same effects as described above. The reason why you feel the warming sensation after applying those heat patches is because of some stimulants, such as Capsaicin. Capsaicin is an active component of chili peppers, and for topical use, it can only stimulate your skin and provide a warming sensation. It cannot, in fact, increase your blood flow. 

Selected from: 坂井 学/All Pains Will Be Gone When Your Body Is Warm!

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